Alacabenzi Cubensis 3 Gram Capsules

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Alacabenzi Cubensis 3 Gram Capsules:  are convenient, tasteless and easy! These Mushroom Capsules contain 1 gram of the psychedelic compound, psilocybin. Alacabenzi Cubensis is an ideal choice for novice users, who prefer practicing caution with a potent and intense hallucinogenic journey.

Each package contains 3 mushroom capsules which contain 1g of Alacabenzi Cubensis Mushrooms each

Alacabenzi Cubensis 3 Gram Capsules
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Alacabenzi Psilocybe Cubensis: Growing, Effects, Potency & Legality

Alacabenzi is a cultivated strain of P. cubensis. It’s history is a little murky, but it’s said to be a cross between and something else. It is known for the large size and lovely symmetry of its fruiting bodies, as well as for being very beginner-friendly, both for users and growers.

Alacabenzi is only one of many cultivated strains of P. cubensis, the species people most usually mean by phrases like “shrooms” or “magic mushrooms.” There are other hallucinogenic mushroom species, they’re just less popular. Most contain psilocybin, the same “active ingredient” that is in P. cubensis,

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Alacabenzi’s trip has been compared to the experience of using some of the more potent cannabis strains. At low doses, users report mostly a sense of relaxation and insight. At higher doses, the visuals are still seldom dominant, but reality may seem to twist, causing difficulty with physical balance. First-time users especially should avoid moving around, because of the risk of falls in case the dose is a little more potent than planned. Alacabenzi Cubensis 3 Gram Capsules


Psilocybin concentration varies between strains, but it’s not known for sure whether other aspects of the user experience vary. That is, the trips themselves certainly vary, since the biochemistry and mental states of users vary—a trip is an interaction between mushroom and user, so the state of the user influences the direction of the trip.

P.cubensis and other Psilocybe mushrooms are relatively safe to use, but can carry unwanted side-effects. Nausea is common. Anxiety is also a real possibility, but can be minimized or managed through careful attention to dosage

Buying vs. Growing Alacabenzi Cubensis

Buying or growing magic mushrooms like Alacabenzi Cubensis each have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on the user’s needs.

Per dose, growing is dramatically less expensive. A syringe full of spores, plus all the materials necessary for a grow, might cost little more than a dose or two online, and allow the grower to produce dozens and dozens of doses at home.  needed.


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